Joanne Rowling

J.K. Rowling, 1965-, British novelist best known for Harry Potter series
J.K. Rowling, 1965-, British novelist best known for Harry Potter series

Joanne Rowling, OBE FRSL is best known for writing the Harry Potter series under the pen name of J.K. Rowling. She was born in Yate, Gloucestershire (U.K.) July 31, 1965. As a nine year-old, she often wrote fantasy stories which she read to her younger sister. She attended St. Michael’s primary school, where the headmaster may have been the inspiration for the character Albus Dumbledore.

Later, she attended Wyedean high school. A teacher there recalls Rowling to be “one of a group of girls who were bright, and quite good at English”.  Around this time, her great-aunt gave her a copy of Jessica Mitford’s autobiography, Hons and Rebels. Mitford became Rowling’s heroine, and Rowling read all of her books.

Rowling later said that she based the character of Hermione Granger on herself when she was eleven.  Rowling has admitted that her teenage years were unhappy. Her home life was complicated by her mother’s illness and a strained relationship with her father. She studied French and Classics at University of Exeter, and graduated in 1986.
In 1990, while she was on a four-hour-delayed train trip from Manchester to London, the idea for a story of a young boy attending a school of wizardry “came fully formed” into her mind.
The death of her mother who had been ill with multiple schlerosis deeply affected Rowling’s writing, instilling more emotional details for the character Harry. Rowling would then move to Portugal to teach English, marry, give birth to a daughter, divorce her husband, and move to Edinburgh with her child to live with her sister. During this time, she suffered from depression, an experience which helped her describe the Dementors. It was while she was living in Edinburgh, a single mother on welfare, that she completed her first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. Twelve publishers rejected her submission, before it was accepted and published by Bloomsbury in 1997, seven years after she first started writing the story about an 11 year old boy wizard.
All the books in the Harry Potter series have gained immense popularity, critical acclaim and commercial success worldwide.
As of May 2015, the books have won multiple awards and sold more than 450 million copies worldwide, making the series the best-selling book series in history, and have been translated into 73 languages. They have become the basis for a series of films, the second highest-grossing film series in history.

young Joanne Rowling

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