A ballet dancer

What is it that makes some individuals look at their obstacles and rise up to overcome them? Where does this can-do attitude come from?  I watched this video several weeks ago, and was so moved by Alissa Sizemore and her I’m-so-happy-just-watch-me spirit, that I made a doll for her.

you go girl!
you go girl!


2 thoughts on “A ballet dancer

  1. Hi Wendy,
    congratulations for your project on dolls inspired by great women! I’m Italian and actually I was interested to buy one of your doll for my young daughter but when I saw the price (170-300 US Dollars) I was forced to change my mind…are you planning to make commercial agreements in order to make them available also for the wide public? The message the dolls bring is really important but unless their price gets more affordable for most of the people, they will remain only a niche “good”…Thanks!
    Kind regards and Merry Xmas

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